Saturday, 30 April 2011

Things to Do and Make

Now here is the book I bought

Lovely 50's stylised illustrations, and lovely to see that despite it's excellent condition, it has been used, as the paper snake you can see in the last image was taken from a pattern in the book. very pleased with this little find that cost me £1.50 

Books, glorious books!

We went to Malvern in Rhubarb this week. It was beautiful there and we also found this amazing second hand bookshop, this is just a photo of one of the many rooms staked high with little treasures. I was a good girl and only bought one book (as some were quite expensive!) but took photos of lots of them!

New toys :)

Toki Doki Unicorn


Lunartik in a Cup of Tea (mini series)

New goodies that me and Joe bought the other day from 'Nostalgia and Comics' In Birmingham. I can never get over how excited I get over these colourful, little pieces of vinyl!  

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Rising Sun

It's been put there for a while but I designed this paper toy in response to the terrible events in japan. It is available to download as a template from my website for £1 all proceeds go to the Red Cross. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Start Today Goodies

The wonderful Chloe Cook did a giveaway the other week and lucky 'ol me won :D.

Just wanted to share my goodies!

Chloe has been doing a lot of screen printing recently and I think they're looking awesome!

I have a telling off for the post man though who shoved the envelope through our door, despite this

Naughty naughty mr postman!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Ace book! Printed Pattern

Just wanted quickly share this book with people. I got it out of the library the other day and it's given me really itchy fingers to start doing some prints!

I've wanted to do some for ages, and this book presents some different methods in such a simple, friendly way, with lots of great photos. It even suggests making printing stamps from the simple eraser! So any budding printers should check it out!