Friday, 28 January 2011

Mixtape numero #4!

We are have now been members of the mixtape project for about 5 months, wow that has gone fast. People come up with all sorts of awesome themes (see some examples here) and this month we decided to go for the theme of the circus.

It was great fun to do, I wanted a retro feel and stuck to limited colours, which helped to achieve this look.
It took much longer than any of the others as I decided to create an insert with an image to illustrate each song. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Really enjoyed creating the trapeze artist, and may have to use her in something else yet!

A piece of Cake

I have recently started using Tumblr so while I have been getting to grips with that (while it is very easy!) I have neglected this account, I am unsure whether to keep both going. For now I will use this page for things I want to go into more detail about, and Tumblr mainly for images.

As a result of my neglect there are a number of new pieces of work that I want to show you!
 I will spread them out so as not to bombard you!

First up is this little fella! A new paper toy that I designed as an alternative to a birthday card. Last year you may remember the little monkeys that I did for the same reason.

 It's super easy to make, so is ideal for any beginners wanting to get into paper toys. If you want to have a go it is available as a free download from my website Have glue, scissors, a craft knife and ruler at the ready!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Bit of origami

This lovely creation is called a Kusudama ball. It took me forever, but mainly because I kept stopping and starting, it is actually really easy to do, it's just waiting for the glue to dry that takes a while.

The tutorial I followed was on Folding Trees and is in two parts, if you want to have a go just click on the links

I was also thinking ahead to Easter for workshops and made this bunny. Again I am a bit of a beginner at origami so if you are too, this is another easy one! Click on the link to find the instructions Tutorial

I need to get some much prettier origami paper! 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Some Christmas Artwork (sorry it's late!)

Some work that I haven't had chance to post up yet.

First up is the artwork that I made for a mixtape we made for some of our friends over christmas

I know everyone is done with christmas now, but here is the artwork I came up with for a special christmas mixtape that Creative Derby (soon to change it's name)

And finally here's the card I made for my husband, all done with cut paper, I was really pleased with how it turned out.

New Year Resolutions

Ok, I know that everyone does these, so your probably fed up of reading them, but what the hell, I think it's useful to write some down to have something to aim for.

Firstly here are the ones I posted up last year

1) pass my driving test : Did this in Jan last year!
2) learn atleast one new skill: I had a go at crochet, and enjoyed it, but then put it down and probably need to start again now!
3) create more artwork and research more artwork: I definitely created more artwork, but probably need to get stronger at doing better research
4) Draw more: I started to do more, as I spent more time on the train
5) waste less time on networking sites: hmmmm not sure if I managed this one, I may have got slightly worse! But hopefully I have geared it up towards networking as an artist/ illustrator

Hmmm not to bad, so for this year

1) Do some home printing, possibly linocut
2) Do more paintings
3) Get in Ammo Magazine (maybe a bit optimistic, but you've got to have something to aim for!)

4) Create a children's book (even if it's just just for my own enjoyment!
5) Create more paper toys!

Christmas Pressies!

So I have been quite lazy recently with my blog. First I got ill (like most of the population!) then it was Christmas then it was New Year and now well it's now, so hello! 

I had a lovely christmas and felt thoroughly spoilt by my lovely husband, amongst other things he got me some gorgeous books which I have been poring over! 

Print and Pattern is a book I'd been lusting after for a while. It is compiled by the creator of the wonderful Print & Pattern blog, which if you are not already aware of it, you really should check it out. Just absolutely gorgeous. It is just page after page of patten porn!

One of my absolute favourtie creatives included was the work of Chan Lynn otherwise known as Jinjerup ( ) so cute!

and I was very happy to see the work of Michelle Romo otherwise known as Crowded Teeth. She is such a huge inspiration, especially as she is completely self taught.

I also got  'We are paper toys!'

a book to spur me on to make more paper toys this year!

And finally he got me 'The Fundamentals of Illustration" which I'm sure will come in use, as I still have much to learn. The other two books I have read cover to cover ( as they are mostly pretty pictures!) but this one requires more attention, so I will let you know how good it is when I have read it!

 Not on the book front I got a wonderful T shirt with this on the front, you gotta love marshmallows!

Many more fantastic pressies were received, but I won't list the whole lot here, needless to say I was very lucky :) . What was the favourite present that you guys received?