Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Public

I am currently working on a Creative Partnership project in a secondary school, and as part of it I organised a trip to The Public in West Bromwich. It was also my first visit, and I have to say it was fantastic! Unfortunately we didn't have the time to fully explore the space, but this was only because the education team put on an awesome workshop for the children.

It really is a great place to give children a different slant on what art and a gallery can be, so despite all the controversy about the projects cost I can say it is worth it. I just hope that it will get the use it deserves and that it will break down barriers.

Many people don't even think to go into galleries, but speaking from my experience of working at the New Art Gallery Walsall, galleries can really become the hub of a community through putting on fantastic events and workshops.

Just thought I'd share a few images of the interior with you.

This is what happens when you take a photo while walking and not looking through the viewfinder!

That pretty awesome looking silver pod is the toilet!

Really cool metal forest!

The place was just so colourful and full or different forms, textures and materials. You couldn't help but smile there!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Messenger Monkeys!!!

After my Christmas toys i decided it was time to create a new paper toy that can be fun all year round! It was my husband's birthday this week, and he doesn't really like cards, but loves urban art and collectable art toys, so I decided it was time to design him a paper toy in his honour. However, one didn't seem quite enough so I made him a trio of the chaps!

I think they're pretty darn cute, and hope you do too! I have attached the Birthday messages with blue tack, but plan to make them little holders to carry instead so the messages the monkeys carry can be changed.

I am just so in love with all things paper at the moment, and paper toys rock. Even if you have no idea how to design one yourself, there are plenty of websites you can head to to download free nets, some even come blank so that you can customise them yourself. is a great place to start! It is a community for people wanting to download and share designs.

Today I introduced a class of year 7-9 to the joys of paper toys, so spread the news!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New Installation 'An Art Graduate'

Recently I have been putting more of a focus on my more illustrational and I suppose in a way more straight forward work. This is partly because I do really enjoy this side of my work, and I have had great fun improving my skills on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. However, it is also because illustrational work is easier to do than my installation work, as I easily have all the tools to hand to create it, whereas for an installation I need the space to show it.

My 'other' side is still working away, coming up with new ideas, but I often don't have the means to see them come to fruition. So I introduce to you some photos of a piece I did called 'An Art Graduate'.

This piece was borne out of my frustration at the job situation for university graduates (including me). Each boat is made from a store receipt from the shop I work in part time, to fund my artwork, and pay the bills! The act of making the receipts into boats is a reflection of the monotonous, repetitive nature of the work. Also boats are a metaphor for the journey after graduating, which can be a difficult and long one.

I felt the snow created a beautiful, but bleak backdrop for the boats. I took photos of the piece over several days to document the pieces own journey.

Below is a sample of the photos I took:

After more snow

And after the thaw

Boat mush!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Really cool installation!

Keep coming across really inspiring stuff on the internet recently.
Read about an amazing installation that was created for a fashion show. A vacant factory was transformed by using magazines, that otherwise would have been thrown out. The designers of the space used the fairly simple modes of construction to create pieces that when completed look very complex and impressive.

A low wall was constructed in a space, by using rolled up magazines, to define one of the areas.

And the method of folding often used by children to create 'Fortune Tellers' was employed as a building block for a magnificent curtain on the runway, that the models walked through. These blocks were layered and stitched together, and as a whole unit they have a huge visual impact

The same folding technique was also used to make the lampshades

More info on this project can be found at

This project was created from a designer angle, but as an artist who has created installations using card and paper in the past, I find this really inspiring. I especially love that the materials used were recycled. In this day and age it is important for all of us to be aware of the materials we use and throw away, and I think it is great that something so beautiful was created our of essentially rubbish! It's making me re-think the paper I put aside for recycling. Now I'm wanting to keep every single bit of junk mail just in case it comes in handy! Though I think my husband might have something to say about that!

Monday, 11 January 2010

What I wore today!

I made my first contribution to the wonderful 'what I wore today' pool on photos site flickr.

for those of you who haven't discovered this yet, you can happily wile away some time having a nosey at other people's outfits and brilliant drawings, I highly recommend it!

Awesome Book!

Just thought I'd share with you one of the amazing books that I got for Christmas.

This book is just so inspirational! Some of the artwork that graces the pages is just outstanding. A few examples are the work of Brian Dettmer.

His work is just so amazingly intricate, carved into pages of old books. Through the work of his skilled hands the books come to life and take on new meanings.

New Universal

Compare this with the bright, striking, geometric forms of jen stark's pieces. They use the most simplest of materials, but are so cleverly constructed, so that the flat piece of paper becomes something dynamic and hypnotic:

Coriolis Effect

and ofcourse how could a book on papercraft be complete without an entry on the wonderful Peter Callesen?! Once again, his pieces are so delicate, and complex, but simplistic at the same time, always using white paper, so as not to detract from his wonderful craftsmanship. They often darkly humorous and invert ideas. I have had the delight of seeing one of his pieces (Dead Angels) at The New Art Gallery Walsall.


Dead Angels

This book was just a perfect present for me, as since the last year of my BA studies in 2008, I have become increasingly interested in using paper as an art form. This book has most definitely fueled that interest! Much of the work is just so playful and innovative.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas and New Year Catch up!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Here's to 2010, despite the freezing start! Although it is nice to see some proper snow, but sure after a few more days i'll have had my fill of it!

I have thought about making some new year resolutions, though haven't quite gotten round to putting them on paper! How abouts I think of a few now?
1) pass my driving test
2) learn atleast one new skill
3) create more artwork and research more artwork
4) Draw more
5) waste less time on networking sites

Hopefully I'll be able to keep all of them, not sure I'll quite manage 5 though!

 I thought I would post up some pics of some of the christmas goodies me and my husband got, I had fun taking photos of them on Christmas morning!

some cool sweeties! I haven't had the heart to eat the lolly pops yet! They are just too cute!

got my hands on this limited edition blink 182 bunny off amazon, as a pressie for my hubby! He looks quite the ticket, heading our motley crew of designer vinyl art toys, hopefully this year we'll actually get to see them tour!

 This is a fantastic, felt doorstop, that is a replica of our own 1969 bay VW. My wonderful sister in law Lydia made it for me. Isn't it brilliant!?

Here is another great star wars mighty mugg for our collection. The fantastic ewok 'wicket' (I have on occasion been compared to one of these fellas!) We really want yoda and princess Leia, but they are so difficult to get hold of!

Just thought I'd show you our wonderful tree topper that we had for this christmas! Meet King Ken. We did want a nice simple star, but couldn't find one. I think this fella did a better job in the end tho!

Also, at new year we used a chinese paper lantern. I'd recommend these to anyone wanting a peaceful and graceful alternative to fire works. We first saw them being used when we went on holiday to woolacombe, north devon, last year. They really looked fantastic against the sea back-drop as the sun set, so my husband bought me a couple for Christmas.