Monday, 11 January 2010

Awesome Book!

Just thought I'd share with you one of the amazing books that I got for Christmas.

This book is just so inspirational! Some of the artwork that graces the pages is just outstanding. A few examples are the work of Brian Dettmer.

His work is just so amazingly intricate, carved into pages of old books. Through the work of his skilled hands the books come to life and take on new meanings.

New Universal

Compare this with the bright, striking, geometric forms of jen stark's pieces. They use the most simplest of materials, but are so cleverly constructed, so that the flat piece of paper becomes something dynamic and hypnotic:

Coriolis Effect

and ofcourse how could a book on papercraft be complete without an entry on the wonderful Peter Callesen?! Once again, his pieces are so delicate, and complex, but simplistic at the same time, always using white paper, so as not to detract from his wonderful craftsmanship. They often darkly humorous and invert ideas. I have had the delight of seeing one of his pieces (Dead Angels) at The New Art Gallery Walsall.


Dead Angels

This book was just a perfect present for me, as since the last year of my BA studies in 2008, I have become increasingly interested in using paper as an art form. This book has most definitely fueled that interest! Much of the work is just so playful and innovative.

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