Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas and New Year Catch up!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Here's to 2010, despite the freezing start! Although it is nice to see some proper snow, but sure after a few more days i'll have had my fill of it!

I have thought about making some new year resolutions, though haven't quite gotten round to putting them on paper! How abouts I think of a few now?
1) pass my driving test
2) learn atleast one new skill
3) create more artwork and research more artwork
4) Draw more
5) waste less time on networking sites

Hopefully I'll be able to keep all of them, not sure I'll quite manage 5 though!

 I thought I would post up some pics of some of the christmas goodies me and my husband got, I had fun taking photos of them on Christmas morning!

some cool sweeties! I haven't had the heart to eat the lolly pops yet! They are just too cute!

got my hands on this limited edition blink 182 bunny off amazon, as a pressie for my hubby! He looks quite the ticket, heading our motley crew of designer vinyl art toys, hopefully this year we'll actually get to see them tour!

 This is a fantastic, felt doorstop, that is a replica of our own 1969 bay VW. My wonderful sister in law Lydia made it for me. Isn't it brilliant!?

Here is another great star wars mighty mugg for our collection. The fantastic ewok 'wicket' (I have on occasion been compared to one of these fellas!) We really want yoda and princess Leia, but they are so difficult to get hold of!

Just thought I'd show you our wonderful tree topper that we had for this christmas! Meet King Ken. We did want a nice simple star, but couldn't find one. I think this fella did a better job in the end tho!

Also, at new year we used a chinese paper lantern. I'd recommend these to anyone wanting a peaceful and graceful alternative to fire works. We first saw them being used when we went on holiday to woolacombe, north devon, last year. They really looked fantastic against the sea back-drop as the sun set, so my husband bought me a couple for Christmas.

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