Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New Installation 'An Art Graduate'

Recently I have been putting more of a focus on my more illustrational and I suppose in a way more straight forward work. This is partly because I do really enjoy this side of my work, and I have had great fun improving my skills on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. However, it is also because illustrational work is easier to do than my installation work, as I easily have all the tools to hand to create it, whereas for an installation I need the space to show it.

My 'other' side is still working away, coming up with new ideas, but I often don't have the means to see them come to fruition. So I introduce to you some photos of a piece I did called 'An Art Graduate'.

This piece was borne out of my frustration at the job situation for university graduates (including me). Each boat is made from a store receipt from the shop I work in part time, to fund my artwork, and pay the bills! The act of making the receipts into boats is a reflection of the monotonous, repetitive nature of the work. Also boats are a metaphor for the journey after graduating, which can be a difficult and long one.

I felt the snow created a beautiful, but bleak backdrop for the boats. I took photos of the piece over several days to document the pieces own journey.

Below is a sample of the photos I took:

After more snow

And after the thaw

Boat mush!

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