Thursday, 21 January 2010

Messenger Monkeys!!!

After my Christmas toys i decided it was time to create a new paper toy that can be fun all year round! It was my husband's birthday this week, and he doesn't really like cards, but loves urban art and collectable art toys, so I decided it was time to design him a paper toy in his honour. However, one didn't seem quite enough so I made him a trio of the chaps!

I think they're pretty darn cute, and hope you do too! I have attached the Birthday messages with blue tack, but plan to make them little holders to carry instead so the messages the monkeys carry can be changed.

I am just so in love with all things paper at the moment, and paper toys rock. Even if you have no idea how to design one yourself, there are plenty of websites you can head to to download free nets, some even come blank so that you can customise them yourself. is a great place to start! It is a community for people wanting to download and share designs.

Today I introduced a class of year 7-9 to the joys of paper toys, so spread the news!

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