Friday, 18 December 2009

Nursery painting

ooooo also forgot to show you the pics of the completed painting for my niece to be's nursery!

So here goes ..........

 and here's a close-up

  pretty darn pleased with how it turned out in the end! Hopefully my sister and brother in law, and of course my niece will be too!

All things Christmassy!

Yay! This morning my edition of fete a craft zine came through the door, with my work on the cover and inside, and lots and lots of sparkles that dropped all over my cutting board, and have since been scooped up for use on something in the future (artists are always resourceful!) Looking forward to seeing the colour version on issuu at . The zine is being sold on folksy at by the wonderful editor momtazbh.

Have also used my paper toys designs as inspiration to create a christmas card, a bit late to sell, but in time for me to print out to give to loved ones, although I never think about whether I have an envelope to fit them in, and quite often they are handed over in a piece of paper folded in half! Think I need to remedy that habit!

Thinking that next year a pack with a range of the characters would be nice!

I have also posted the rest of the nets for the christmas paper toys on my website, so if any one wants to do a bit of chrismas creating, go to for your free downloads!

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Me and my husband went to Manchester yesterday to catch up with 2 good friends. We had a great time, high lights of the day (apart from of course seeing our friends) was visiting afflecks palace, where we decided to adopt this little creature. We named him Stuart, as my husband believed he shared a canny resemblance to one of the friends we were with, strangely enough called Stuart! He's ace, and was made by Sausage dog who has an etsy site

We also happened upon the Richard Goodall Gallery in the Northern Quarter. It was awesome, and there was an exhibition of custom designed Lurnartik tea cup vinyl toys. Wish we had had time to peruse it in more detail  . However, we did purchase a festive (albeit slightly disturbing) festive dunny and the cutest dunny I've ever seen, both designed by chuckboy. Although slightly miffed, as the lion one did come with a piece of meat as an accessory, but we lost it some where on the way back from Manchester :( poor hungry lion!

These delightful fellows have been added to our modest, but growing collection of collectable art vinyl toys:

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Have been working on the painting for my sister and brother in laws baby's nursery for quite a few hours now and finally feel like I've turned a corner with it, I'm almost kinda pleased with it at the moment! Here's a few pics of it in progress, hopefully soon a photo of the finished piece will be up.

I have never painted in such a flat, graphicy style before, and I must say it is really tricky, especially when your mixing up your own colours!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Pet Portrait

I have finally finished the painting I was working on. Phew! Probably took about 8 hours or so. Think I'm happy with it now, but I always find that when I have been working on a painting for a while, and staring at it for hours it never looks quite right, so I'm hoping that's why.
It's a commissioned piece I've been asked to do of my mum's puppy Molly, for Christmas.
I used to paint animals all the time, but it's been a while!

On to the next one now, a painting for a nursery, should be fun as it's based on my own design rather than working straight from a photo.
Here's a link to the original design I created

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Steve and Barry!

Rudolph and Blitzen

Mr and Mrs!

Group Shot

They have arrived!

So I have finally done it, designed, printed and made my first series of paper toys ready for Christmas! Phew! Been working on them over about 3 weeks!

I hope you like! I plan to post the nets up on my website when I work out how to do that, will try to find out later.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure, I give you Mr and Mrs Claus, Steve the elf, Barry the bear, Charles the penguin, Fred the Snowman, Rudolph and Blitzen. (Steve and Barry are my personal favourites)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Things are about to get interesting!

Ok. I admit this is all looking a bit boring at the moment! I will fix that, but to be honest I'm a little confused by all the options and editing options. Will take me a little while to work it all out, but hopefully very soon there will be some pretty pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

Have been making up the paper toys, its showing me the mistakes I've made, which is good as it means I can correct them before I post the nets up for you guys. It will be soon!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Entering the world of the blogger!

So this is my first proper blog. I feel like I am slowly beginning to live more of my life in a virtual world!

Well this time yesterday I was stood in Birmingham's NIA waiting for Muse to emerge! Sitting on my sofa now designing paper toys, while fun, is not quite on the same level! They were fantastic. The only downside was that we ended up standing near a group of stoners one of whom may or may not have peed on the floor! Also the support act was 'the big pink' whose most famous song is called 'Dominoes' and this group thought it would be hilarious to sing 'Dominoes, dominoes!' after every single song that Muse did, and in any silences! We managed to restrain ourselves from smacking them in the face, though I did accidently get my own back, by jumping up and down on one of the guys feet! ( I promise it was an accident)

So back to designing my first range of paper toys. They have a Christmas theme and I'm planning to make one up for all my friends and family. Will post them up in various places when they are done.