Friday, 18 December 2009

All things Christmassy!

Yay! This morning my edition of fete a craft zine came through the door, with my work on the cover and inside, and lots and lots of sparkles that dropped all over my cutting board, and have since been scooped up for use on something in the future (artists are always resourceful!) Looking forward to seeing the colour version on issuu at . The zine is being sold on folksy at by the wonderful editor momtazbh.

Have also used my paper toys designs as inspiration to create a christmas card, a bit late to sell, but in time for me to print out to give to loved ones, although I never think about whether I have an envelope to fit them in, and quite often they are handed over in a piece of paper folded in half! Think I need to remedy that habit!

Thinking that next year a pack with a range of the characters would be nice!

I have also posted the rest of the nets for the christmas paper toys on my website, so if any one wants to do a bit of chrismas creating, go to for your free downloads!

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