Friday, 28 January 2011

A piece of Cake

I have recently started using Tumblr so while I have been getting to grips with that (while it is very easy!) I have neglected this account, I am unsure whether to keep both going. For now I will use this page for things I want to go into more detail about, and Tumblr mainly for images.

As a result of my neglect there are a number of new pieces of work that I want to show you!
 I will spread them out so as not to bombard you!

First up is this little fella! A new paper toy that I designed as an alternative to a birthday card. Last year you may remember the little monkeys that I did for the same reason.

 It's super easy to make, so is ideal for any beginners wanting to get into paper toys. If you want to have a go it is available as a free download from my website Have glue, scissors, a craft knife and ruler at the ready!

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  1. THIS IS SO DARLING!!!!! I wanna do this!