Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas Pressies!

So I have been quite lazy recently with my blog. First I got ill (like most of the population!) then it was Christmas then it was New Year and now well it's now, so hello! 

I had a lovely christmas and felt thoroughly spoilt by my lovely husband, amongst other things he got me some gorgeous books which I have been poring over! 

Print and Pattern is a book I'd been lusting after for a while. It is compiled by the creator of the wonderful Print & Pattern blog, which if you are not already aware of it, you really should check it out. Just absolutely gorgeous. It is just page after page of patten porn!

One of my absolute favourtie creatives included was the work of Chan Lynn otherwise known as Jinjerup ( www.jinjerup.com ) so cute!

and I was very happy to see the work of Michelle Romo otherwise known as Crowded Teeth. She is such a huge inspiration, especially as she is completely self taught.

I also got  'We are paper toys!'

a book to spur me on to make more paper toys this year!

And finally he got me 'The Fundamentals of Illustration" which I'm sure will come in use, as I still have much to learn. The other two books I have read cover to cover ( as they are mostly pretty pictures!) but this one requires more attention, so I will let you know how good it is when I have read it!

 Not on the book front I got a wonderful T shirt with this on the front, you gotta love marshmallows!

Many more fantastic pressies were received, but I won't list the whole lot here, needless to say I was very lucky :) . What was the favourite present that you guys received?


  1. Oh I got Print and Pattern too, it's so beautiful isn't it! :) on that note, I love your blog background!

  2. yeah gorgeous! Thanks its one of mine, my twitter background too! :)