Sunday, 8 August 2010

Amanda Visell

Some of you may know that I am developing a bit of an addiction to vinyl toys. The latest in our collection are some of these amazing ones, including the super cute bat above!

The toys are the work of the brilliant Amanda Visell who has created a number of customs for kidrobot in the past, but has now been given her own mini-series, and I love them. They seem so fresh and stand out amongst the other collections on the market. They are strong translations of art work she has created in the past.

Gnomes vs Ants
Amanda Visell

I also bagged one of these off Ebay last night (Amanda Visell Dunny series 5) which will go alongside my Amanda Visell 2009 model. I look forward to it arriving next week! :)


  1. Hands up I have never heard of this lady. I like!

    Thanks for letting us in on this goodness :)


  2. Yeah I only heard of her recently. Love her stuff so much!