Friday, 10 February 2012

atomic cabinet!

Me and Joe made a bit of an impulse buy the other week. We have decided that we want to start replacing the IKEA and gifted furniture that we have to get some more unique pieces. We still enjoy a good trip to the yellow and blue warehouse, but our living room was beginning to look like a picture from one of their catalogues. We began scouring ebay and other websites selling second hand furniture and when we saw the picture of this 50's kitchen cabinet we both loved it instantly, and put an offer in before we'd even bothered to see if it would fit where we'd intended it for, incidentally it didn't! So after rearranging the hall living room and my studio it found a home!

It's currently adorned with some vintage cameras, threads, a 1970's Mickey Mouse alarm clock and some thunderbirds toys. 

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