Monday, 16 April 2012

Car Booting :)

Goodies from a sunday morning at a car boot sale: 
A brilliant 50's/60's stool that we will probably re-trim, great for £5! I was really pleased with this find, as we had been wanting a footstool for ages anyway.
A lovely Agfa vintage camera for a few quid.
3 old soda stream bottles for 50p 
Such good fun having a proper rummage through the rubbish to find some gems :)


  1. Some great finds, love the stool and it would be great to store sewing stuff in! Like the new blog re-design to!x

  2. All awesome finds, especially the first one!

  3. Thanks guys, and thanks for the comment on my little re-vamp :) The still was obviously used for sewing stuff before, as it had pins in it!