Friday, 19 February 2010

Tattoos galore!

So Miami Ink is something you will find on my TV fairly often (Though it seems like i've seen all of them now!)
Me and my husband both love it! We also both love tattoos, but so far don't have any (i'm too indecisive to decide what I would like on my body for the rest of my life, and also a little scared) I have designed a few tattoos for other people. Here is one I designed for my husband:

He told me what elements he wanted within it and I designed it on illustrator, I think it looks pretty rad! Has a bit of a Travis Barker feel with the retro 80's boombox.  The stars were my little addition, just thought it brought the elements together. Now he just has to bite the bullet and get it done! when/ if he gets it done i will post a pic up, though as well as having to muster up the courage we also need to save up the money for him to have it!

On the subject of tattoos, just thought I'd share this artist with you guys....... Angelique Houtkamp

If you haven't already come across her work, here are a few pics to feast your eyes on:

You can find more of her work at

I just find her tattoo inspired paintings to be so beautiful, they seem poetic, sexy and macarbe.
The watercolour paper seems to resemble skin and the work is so precise; the colours so vibrant!


  1. I love tatts... haven't really watched Miami Ink though. you should check out Tara McPhersons work too x