Sunday, 17 July 2011

Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al)

Joshua Owen vs Little Gamgee and Martin Butler and Iain Sellar

Martin Butler vs Joshua Owen and Miss C and Little Gamgee

Little Gamgee vs Miss C and Kemo Kame and Stina Jones

I took part in a project called 'Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al)' a little while back. It was a collaboration project, the first one that I had done, and I loved it!

The premise of the project was that you started with an A3 piece of paper and filled about a 1/4 of it with a black and white drawing. Each piece of paper was sent to 4 people in total, who each  added to the piece in their own unique way. It was good to work in just black and white, as a lot of my work tends to use bright colours.

There were some fantastic artists/ illustrators/ designers involved, including Stina Jones, Keith Hopewell and Richy Hurle. It was really exciting seeing how the pieces progressed, and I can't wait to get involved again!

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