Thursday, 22 December 2011

NEW christmas paper toys!

I'm a little bit slow off the mark, but here are some new paper toys for christmas. A new addition in my piece if cake range; Christmas Cake!

Also Series 2 of my paper toys. Nativity paper toys (though I have not had time to do the animals as well)

All nets are available to download for FREE from my website, so if you fancy a bit of craftiness this christmas when resting from gorging yourself on chocolate and cheese why not have a go. All you need is some thin card, a printer, some scissors/ craft knife and glue.

My Christmas gift to all of you who have supported me this year! Thanks :) 

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  1. Hi Samantha,
    Is your paper nativity finished yet? I would very much like you to send it to the Paper Nativity Museum, located in Czech Republic. My friend, Svatava, would like to put it on display. You can see her web site here:
    Click on the British flag to read it in English. Thanks so much, Maddie