Monday, 8 April 2013

A trip around Lichfield

We'd been to Lichfield quite a few times before, but recently I have been making an effort to really LOOK around when I go to places, especially those that I know really well.

It is amazing what things you notice and can take pleasure in when you make an effort, rather than rushing from shop to shop. It's also great what images you can capture on your phone now, so it often doesn't really matter too much if you remembered to bring a camera with you or not.

I had great fun picking up lots of gorgeous books in a second hand bookshop, feeling the old paper and enjoying that old book smell, and taking photos of the ones with especially pretty covers.

Lichfield is well known for it's Cathedral, yet previous times we have been, we have only looked at it from a distance. Looking at it up close, I was in awe. It's just so so beautiful, and you can't help but feel something, whether it be spiritual or just sheer astonishment at the amount of skill and hard work that went into making it.

There are lots of cute wonky buildings, decorative door handles, coloured glass, public artwork, carvings, sign painting and much more to admire, if you take the time to find them, and walk a nit further astray from their, unfortunately ugly, shopping centre! Looking forward to our next trip to find the little things that make places special!

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