Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Car Booty!

On Sunday, me and Joe had a proper urge to have a rummage around a car boot sale. We got up early and headed off to one in Derby, that we've been to on a few occasions, with varied success. We have never come away completely empty handed, but this Sunday we managed to gather a particularly exciting array of bits and pieces. 

All of the goodies above came to less than £20. They were:

A genuine black forest Cuckoo clock - though it does need a service
A vintage wind up watch
A 60's tin clock/plate

hmmm yes, I think I have a thing for time pieces- I was tempted by a couple more as well!

A vintage suitcase- in perfect condition, with a cute floral lining,
An old toy caravan- we have a collection of 4 now
A patterned tray
A miniature painting
A stool- which is painted a brilliant acid yellow, with a chintzy floral fabric on the cushion.

I doubt we'll manage a haul as good as this again. It's so much fun having a proper dig around some of the crates, to unearth a little beauty. Especially when you ask 'How much?' and the answer is often 50p!

I also love that nearly every time we have been, there seems to be at least one elderly person, who walks around with dog biscuits in their pockets and offers one to Winston.

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