Sunday, 16 June 2013

A busy week off

So speaking of my busy week off, this is what I got up to:

A photo shoot on this beautiful split screen camper for Air Monkeys Magazine, the weather was glorious!

Time in the sunshine. Hooray!

 A few treats, including a cute fox print Shirt, that was in the men's section of Primark, but I thought it was too cute to resist, so I bought it in Extra Small, and some vintage lovelies from Burton's finest Charity Shops.

We watched a photo shoot for Growl and Grandeur Clothing, that my husband helped organise. It involved our friends, Si and Jess' awesome split screen camper. We set up at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. To top the fun day off there was free Ben and Jerry's being given out, with awesome 'shovel' spoons :D. We had peanut butter and jam flavour, it was awesome!

 Goslings! :)

 Urban Outfitters

York Minster

 The National Railway Museum

Great sign writing from around York

 Clifford Tower

 We had a lovely day trip to York, one day was no way near long enough, so we hope to go back soon.  Such a gorgeous city. The National Railway Museum was brilliant! Packed with beautifully re-stored trains, and also lots of fantastic examples of sign writing and vintage graphics and illustration.

 I did a spot of painting :)

I also popped to a vintage fair in Pelsall, at the Community Hall, which was great, so many brilliant stalls, and also demonstrations of dances on the stage. The Lindy Hop was great, I really want to have a go. The top photo shows some lovely jewellery on one of the stalls- I was in love with the vintage tin they were displayed in!

The middle picture shows a beautiful small plate, I didn't have enough money for it though :(

I did however, get the goodies in the final photo. The Hornsea owl pot, swallow hair clips, and a cute vintage print. Very happy with my £10 haul :)

Sorry for the mass load of photos!

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