Thursday, 4 July 2013

Good post days!

We may live in an instant world, where most things are done online, but you still can't beat pen and paper and snail mail. Here are a few things that dropped through my post box over the last week that really made me smile.

 A card, little note and cute stamps from @letterloves on Instagram.  She is very passionate about snail mail, and asked people if they would like her to post out a card to them. The first few to respond were rewarded with a little envelope of happiness! :)

 An AMAZING squirrel money box that @ptitbento of sent me out of the kindness of his heart, after I commented on his picture on one on Instagram, to say I was in love with it! He sent this from France just because! Don't you just love Instagram!?

This shows the awesome bits and pieces that my wonderful friend Lizi sent me from Hong Kong, where she is teaching at the moment. She hardly ever gets a day off where she can go to the post office, so she had been saving me bits and pieces for a while. Kawaii stickers, tape, page markers, and pen... I'm in heaven! Now time to go and write a letter back!

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