Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Shrink Art- It's magic!

Over the past few months I have noticed loads of cool pieces of jewellery about, that have been made using shrink plastic. For a while I have wanted to have a go at making my own jewellery and this seemed like a great way of having a go. I bought some Shrinkle shrink plastic off ebay and got stuck in. Here's some photos of my first attempts.

This one was done using permanent fine liner and pencil crayon. It was really exciting watching it curl and shrink in the oven ( it just needs a few mins at gas mark 3) Me and my husband were riveted! Though it was a little nerve wracking, as it curls and twist a lot, before it settles back down again!

 However, it went a bit wrong when we sprayed some lacquer on it, as it made the ink run. :( hmmm probably should have checked that first!

Above is the second attempt! Again done using pencil crayon and permanent marker. I used a sharpie marker, but found this bleed very slightly on the roughened surface of the plastic, though this wasn't really noticeable once it had shrunk. This time I used a different varnish on it, and yay, no bleeding!

 Sketch time, there was always going to be a squirrel! :D

Painted with a thin layer of acrylic paint

This was the last one I made, and I am really happy with this. This one was done using acrylic paint You can see how concentrated the colour gets after shrinking. So remember less is best when adding the colour!

You will definitely be seeing more of this guys! :)

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