Saturday, 8 May 2010

Loo roll paper craft!

As you guys know I have a fascination with most things 'paper craft', and over the last week have come across 2 artists who have a rather novel way of using toilet paper rolls. I myself have looked at these and wondered what could be done with these ready mades.

Yuken Teruya, Corner Forest,  2006

First up is the work of Yuken Teruya, check their work out here Branches and leaves are intricately carved out of toilet rolls and hung on the wall. The artist says that this act "awakens it's (the rolls) ability to be an individual tree"

Anastassia Elias, Zoo, 2010

Then there is the work of Anastassia Elias. Find her work at .
She cuts out the figures on a separate piece of paper, which is the same colour as the roll. She then sticks these delicate shapes inside the roll, manipulating them with tweezers. This gives the appearance that the figures are almost growing organically from the roll itself, clever stuff.

Amazing what an artist can do with the most mundane of materials!

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