Saturday, 8 May 2010

pretty, pretty shoes!

This one is just a little post to say.... How pretty are these!? I absolutely love Irregular Choice Shoes, but alas I am yet to own a pair of my own!

These are the kind of shoes that make you feel you can take on the world..... at least for about an hour, until you are crippled by them, but oh how they are worth it! Normally I'm a jeans and skate shoes girl, and I find it so hard to find a pair of shoes that are comfy, but I'd be willing to give these a go! 

Any one want to give me £69.99!? Or maybe even £140? I just can't choose!!!!


  1. Completely agree! They are very pretty pretty shoes! But like you I too am a flats girl! But i do have a nose at the Irregular Choice stuff whenever I'm in Schuh! Can't help it, they're sooo lovely!


  2. I am very lucky and feel very spoilt, as my hubby saw this and bought me the ones in the bottom pic! Just got to learn to walk in them now!