Monday, 8 August 2011

Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al) 3!

The Third Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al) is now commencing and also now has a website!

If you didn't see my post on the second one the premise is this 

"A chain letter for anyone who likes to Illustrate. Up and coming artists and well established professional doodlers working together to create beautiful pieces of art"

The project starts with a piece of A3 paper. The first artist fills roughly a quarter of the page then sends it on, they then get a piece a quarter full add to it and send it on... This happens 4 times until the page is full and then the images get digitally coloured.

It is very exciting to be at the beginning of a new project again!

Here is my first drawings and 2 I coloured for the last collab


  1. I love these sort of collaborations, it's fun and thrill of the 'mystery' is energizing~!

  2. Definitely! I can't wait to get the next one :)