Tuesday, 30 August 2011


On Saturday I took part in a live art event called Pixelsynthesis the brain child of Glen Millington (Pictographik) a derby based Graphic Designer.

This involved me and another artist, Laura Vann, creating a piece of digital artwork live accompanied by music by Andy McAllister at Derby Quad

We were given the word 'Organic' to work from and were able to plan for the piece at home beforehand and do preliminary sketches (all the digital stuff happened on the night) Then we had 3 hours to get the piece finished in front of an audience. Me and Laura didn't discuss it before hand, but both ended up creating pieces that were similar, though in our own different styles.

I was quite nervous before hand, but managed to just about zone out and concentrate on the work, I was told my facial expression was pretty intense! The top image is the completed piece. Both of the pieces were available to buy on the night on a limited basis. The event looks like becoming a regular event, and I had great fun doing it, I'm looking forward to being in the audience for another one.

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