Friday, 3 September 2010

Behind the mask

One of the great things about working at The New Art Gallery Walsall is the fact that when I'm there I get to have a look at their exhibitions, and they always have a fantastic one on, what's even better is that they're free! The one on at the moment until 12th September, is called Behind the Mask. It brings together a number of artists working across different mediums on the subject of portraits.

There is the famous photography of Cindy Sherman, in which she acts as model, director, stylist and photographer. Her latest series of work, of which some are included in this exhibition, depict women of status and wealth. Though they often look like fading beauties and have a sense of isolation and sadness to them.

But of all the work there, the one that made me pause the most (which is significant as I didn't have long to look around the exhibition!) was the work of Zhang Xiaogang. With his large scale stark and haunting paintings. The colour palette he uses is very limited and the work has more impact due to this. To me they seem like old photos of people long forgotten.

If you have a chance, before the 12th September, go and check it out, as these are just 2 of the wonderful artists who have work on display.

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