Friday, 17 September 2010

Two Door Cinema Club

 Two Door Cinema Club

On wednesday we went to see Two Door Cinema Club play at the Birmingham Academy. We queued up, feeling well, rather old actually; surrounded by 15 year olds swigging carling excitedly. We rolled our eyes, seeing carful after carful being dropped off by their parents, and we began to wonder where all the adults were! Turns out most of them turned up a little later. 

Once inside the fifteen year olds bobbed up and down madly after downing cans of monster, and the girls screamed, we rolled our eyes.

However, the music was fantastic! Support came from Kowalski who like 2 Door Cinema Club hail from Bangor, Northern Ireland, and site some of their influences as being Death Cab For Cutie, Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. They were much in the same vein as the  main act, and were really very good. 

Next up was We Have Band an electro-pop trio, who got everyone's head's nodding at the very least, as their music pulsated around the room.

Then came Two Door Cinema Club, who were flawless and very humble. The crowd was deafening, as the band thundered through their set, with great gusto, punctuated by the band sincerely thanking the crowd. We left feeling exhilarated. 

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