Thursday, 9 September 2010

Our first Mixtape!




You may have seen me mention this before, but the mixtape project is a simple, but fantastic idea. Basically you sign up to the project (more info here) and once a month you are given a name and address for the person you need to send your mixtape to, and someone gets your address and sends you one. When I say mixtape I of course mean CD. You can pick any type of music and pick any theme for your selection, then as an added bonus you get to design and make artwork for it! To see some of the lovely artwork created by people involved in the project click here 

Above is the first one that my husband and I have created, (the project is in it's third month). We picked the music together and I created the artwork. I tried to make it look like a mini record. We already have plans for our next one, and can't wait to receive ours in the post! Expect another post about that one!

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