Friday, 3 September 2010


 We went to the Leeds festival for the day last Saturday and it was amazing!

We saw Motion City Soundtrack who were excellent as usual. The King Blues were solid, but swore too much at that time in the morning, being the second act on. Holy F**k had some sound problems but still put in a good performance. The Local Natives were haunting and anthemic. You Me at Six were solid and managed to get 6 circle pits going. Limp Bizkit were good fun and a trip down memory lane.  Weezer were amazing, Rivers was a bundle of raw energy and really interacted with the crowd, even running out into it at one point and disappearing from sight as a rush of fans made their way towards him. As well as performing a good mix of their own songs they performed a crowd pleasing 'Teenage Dirtbag' of Wheatus fame and also MGMT's 'Kids' which turned into Lady GaGa's 'Poker Face' complete with Rivers donning a fetching long blonde wig!
Paramore were great, but people struggled to hear Hayley Williams due to the sound set-up

Next up was Blink 182! Who we had been waiting to see for a long time (about 12 years really!), and they did not disappoint! It was everything you'd expect from a Blink 182 gig; the tunes were there, the banter was there, Travis' phenomenal drumming was there and the atmosphere was electric! In fact the singing of the crowd was so loud for most of the set that you couldn't hear much else! The band were clearly humbled by the reception with Tom yelling 'That was awesome!' , and smiles rarely leaving their faces.
The encore included a showcase of Travis' drumming, in which at one point he drummed upside down (shame I'm short and didn't get much of a view of that!) Everyone left happy, and eager for them to grace our shores again, hopefully with some new material next time!

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