Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Motion City Soundtrack gig

Sunday night was a great night; me and my husband went to the Birmingham 02 academy to see Motion City Soundtrack play. If you haven't heard of them, they really are a fantastic band; pop punk at it's very best. Fantastic poetic, witty lyrics and great melodies, sung and played with a passion that is obvious.

This is their current album artwork done by the talented Joe Ledbetter http://www.joeledbetter.com/

I had been very excited about going to see them live, and was happily not disappointed at all. Their performance was awesome! The crowd was great too, we nearly raised the roof. I think Justin Pierre could have gotten away without singing at all if he'd wanted!

Only disappointment...... no girls t-shirts in my size :(

Now I'm super excited, as I have bought tickets for Saturday at the Leeds festival......BLINK 182! Here we come!

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