Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The result of hardwork!

So my project at Madeley High School came to an end last week. It feels strange that I won't be going back there once a week, as I have done for the last 3 months. The project accumalated in the children making and installing their own artwork, it was a hectic but successful day. Below are images of their work in situ

The whole class contributed to this flower pot, places in the reception area

This one was partly inspired by the wool installation the children did with me, but here they took it a step further. It had a real sense of dynamism, and the group were very committed; putting the work out in horrible weather!

This group put their 'Mario' inspired installation in the library. They placed boxes around the library that released balloons with viewer interaction; ingenious!

This group were inspired to create this musical creation! It was placed on the hall stage and looked fantastic!

This group were also inspired by music, to create these 'music trees' from an interesting array of materials, they were placed in discrete places around the school, so students sort of stumbled across them

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